Social responsibility

In 2015, we took care for the re-use of many materials that can be recycled, such as various types of packaging (paper, cardboard, wood, glass and plastic) and mixed metals. According to the law, we gather and provide 621 tons of various types of packaging waste.


In 2014, we recycled following secondary raw materials: material flow, which includes paper and cardboard packaging and plastic packaging. By recycling these material flows savings of 30,352 kg of material resources and 4,879.10 kg of greenhouse gases were calculated.


In Lomas d.o.o. we strongly support preserving natural resources and conscientiously recycle both at the corporate level, as an individual (separate bins for packaging, paper and rest litter).
The fact that we are really successful in separate collection of waste, was also confirmed by the company INTERSEROH d.o.o,, which granted us an individual certificate CERTIFICATE RESOURCES SAVED 2013. With our actions and efforts, we have set an example by saving material resources, protecting the environment and preventing climate changes. Recycling of waste materials can greatly contribute to conservation and preservation million tons of valuable material resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
In 2013, we took care of the re-use of many materials that can be recycled, such as various types of packaging (paper, cardboard, wood, glass and plastic) and mixed metals. By recycling these material flows, we saved 593 tons of material resources, which is equivalent to 1.399 apple trees! Furthermore, with this greenhouse gas emissions are reduced for 103 tons.


Donation and humanitarian activity

Lomas d.o.o. is, together with Johnson & Johnson since 2012, working with the Red Cross of Slovenia in their activities "Peljimo jih na morje".

In certain period, for this activity, we dedicate 0,10€ from each sold Johnson’s baby product. Thus, in the first year, with the help of loyal customers and consumers, we gathered 7.000€. Humanitarian activity and its purpose were also presented with advertisements, public accepted activity with interest. Because of really good response, we, along with Johnson & Johnson, decided to support humanitarian campaign "Peljimo jih na morje" the following year, with the desire to equal or even better final amount collected.

In 2013 we donated to Slovenian Red Cross for humanitarian action "Peljimo jih na morje " 8,000€.


In 2014 we upgraded our collaboration. With the project “Topel obrok za otroke” we, together with Johnson&Johnson, supported humanitarian action of Slovenian Red Cross, “Drobtinica”. We have contributed for more than 3,000 hot meals..


Repeatedly, we help non-profit organizations (SIBAHE Slovenian food bank, Daily center for the homeless in the context of the Association of Vincent Alliance Volunteers and goodness, others) with the articles of brands that we represent, in humanitarian campaigns of collecting food, personal care products and cleaning products

At the floods in the Balkans, we (employees and company) have joined to a number of organizations and individuals and many Slovenian athletes, who have organized under their own initiative and collected aid for flooded. In doing so we also got helf of our principals Colgate Palmolive, Johnson&Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser, Saponia and Varta. We have prepared a packages of personal hygiene products (Palmolive, Carefree, o.b., Dettol), detergents and cleaners (AVA, Fax, Nila, Ajax, Cillit ...) baby cosmetics (Johnson's Baby), and flashlights and batteries (Varta). We also collected money and with the gathered amount we bough baby diapers. Together, we (employees and the company) have donated goods worth more than € 20,000!!!

In addition, we enable the purchase of brand name products that we represent, at purchase prices, to the external customers, who also intended items to help the flooded.

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