About us

Our vision is not "big words". Our vision is moved by our believes – the trust of our customers and business partners is what drive us. We want to be a company that will build their future on the total satisfaction of clients and employees.

We constantly strive to maintain a good reputation in the business, providing fast and efficient services to our customers. With the aim to fully meet demands, needs and expectations, the mainstay of our business lies in:

  • Focus on people
  • A good relationship with customers
  • Suppliers satisfaction

Our vision is:

“To become and to remain clear market leader in all competing segments of the products in our portfolio. To maintain increasing market share of distributed products.To unite people that can, want and know how to be the best.”

Key objectives:

  • Developing our own human resources
  • Modern infrastructure that follows business processes
  • Provide a complete sales service to customers
  • Professional implementation of strategies of our principals

Some interesting facts about our company

So far,

33 2.jpg

children were born in Lomas

1.000.000 5.jpg

meters of wrapping foil for pallets we use in one year

20% 4.jpg

average sales growth

average usage of o.b. tampons

3.jpg 7.784.000



Litres of Ornel softener for scented and soft loundry we sell yearly, which equals 53 mio laundry washes


Consumers sweeten themselves with Kandit Rum bars, which equals 1.560.000 bars per year

70tons toalet-papir.jpg

Palmolive shower gels are used yearly

transport.jpg 30.000

pallets of goods are delivered yearly


Labels we paste on our products yearly


pieces of mouthrinse Listerin we sold in 2014


Varta batteries is used yearly


For shiny and healthy teeth

1.000.000 colgate1.jpg

Colgate toothpastes are squeezed on toothbrushes

In one year

colgate2.jpg 300.000

Colgate toothbrushes are sold

palmolive1.jpg 400.000

liquid hand soaps Palmolive are used in one year


bottles of


AJAX are used for cleaning the floor.