About us

We started working on Slovenian market in 1996. We are focused on providing you a better and easier life. As a distribution company for 20 years, together with our suppliers and customers, we provide a large number of renowned brands to final consumers. We believe in the quality of the products we distribute. Accordingly, we position them on the shelves and in minds of customers as well, as premium brands. For you we have assembled a team of young, promising and educated people with defined goals to provide, in corporation with our partners, the easier and more convenient purchase.

The management of our company is constantly trying to retain and upgrade the attained level of quality teamwork, while investing in even better results.

Value-added services that our successful team provides are based on synergy and development of three key areas: sales, logistics and financial risk management.

The core of our values are:
PERSISTANCE -unsolvable situations do not exist, everything is just a question of motivation and desire - we have both.
CREATIVITY - We conceive stability on the experience and development on the promotion of creative energy of our employees.
POSITIVE ENERGY - the component that makes our clearly defined objectives, vision and mission are not just words on paper.
COMPETENCE - We believe that the knowledge and ability of our people are main assets basic with which they carry out tasks and achieve goals in accordance with the ethical code of conduct.
TRUST - is the foundation of any good relationship. The trust of our partners and customers that the entire business is taking place in the context of shared values is a reward for us.

Some interesting facts about our company

So far,

33 2.jpg

children were born in Lomas

1.000.000 5.jpg

meters of wrapping foil for pallets we use in one year

20% 4.jpg

average sales growth

average usage of o.b. tampons

3.jpg 7.784.000



Litres of Ornel softener for scented and soft loundry we sell yearly, which equals 53 mio laundry washes


Consumers sweeten themselves with Kandit Rum bars, which equals 1.560.000 bars per year

70tons toalet-papir.jpg

Palmolive shower gels are used yearly

transport.jpg 30.000

pallets of goods are delivered yearly


Labels we paste on our products yearly


pieces of mouthrinse Listerin we sold in 2014


Varta batteries is used yearly


For shiny and healthy teeth

1.000.000 colgate1.jpg

Colgate toothpastes are squeezed on toothbrushes

In one year

colgate2.jpg 300.000

Colgate toothbrushes are sold

palmolive1.jpg 400.000

liquid hand soaps Palmolive are used in one year


bottles of


AJAX are used for cleaning the floor.